Bluehost vs Siteground

Bluehost and SiteGround are both amongst the top and the most leading web hosting servers which have been famous in the market and amongst the customers for he flawless services they provide.


  1. Facilities provided.

Although, both the servers are amongst the leading web hosts available, they often tend to differ in the provided features. The customers are provided with a hassle-free environment and are allowed to enjoy a stress less experience in regard to the web development. The already existing web page owner can easily transfer their sites on either of the host. SiteGround allows the user to just simply enter the existing webpage location and transfers the webpage automatically. Bluehost, on the other hand expects the user to manually transfer their webpage onto the server.

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In terms of facilitating the user, both the hosts have a 30-day money back policy, in which within 30 days the customer can apply for a refund. In case, the user does not feel their demands being matched, they can withdraw from the server and also receive a 100% refund.

  1. WordPress hosting

In web development, WordPress is amongst the leading platforms and thus it is important that the leading web hosting servers are WordPress compatible. Both the servers are recommended by the WordPress official site and thus have the WordPress security certificate. Being equipped with the SSL certificates adds up to the ethnicity of the server. As WordPress often deals with heavy trafficked webpages, the speed is a major factor. Bluehost has a slower speed in case of a highly congested webpage giving SiteGround an edge.

  1. Speed and Uptime

The generic speed of the web hosts determines how fast the web pages are loaded and the data processed. Both have extremely high speed as they are currently using the latest SSD drivers. The drivers allow smooth and efficient loading of a webpages and thus easy transfer of data. Uptime, on the other hand is the time after which a website host and server crashes causing the webpages to be rendered useless (at least for a time span). Bluehost has a shorter uptime as compared to the uptime of siteGround. In case of heavy trafficking, the server of Bluehost tends to get overcrowded which eventually leads to malfunctioning of the server. This has often led to web pages being shut down however, in such a scenario, the server shows its efficiency and resolves all the problems within a short time period.

Both Bluehost and SiteGround are amongst the best web host present who have always received a positive feedback from their customers.

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