Photo gallery of Biological Anthropology students at Appalachian State University (Fall 2006- present)

Liz Brandt (left) was the osteology lab supervisor 2006-7. She was primarily responsible for organizing the skeletal collection, sorting out remains that have become comingled over the years, and creating a fully updated inventory. Liz began working on an M.S. in forensic anthropology with Dr. Melbye at Texas State, San Marcos in 2007.

Jamie Minns (center) and Sarah Kindschuh (right) graduated in 2007 as well, after spending a few hours in the zooarchaeology lab making thin sections of deer bones for our research on the development of secondary osteons. They got us off to a good start with that project. Jamie is at Michigan State, pursuing a graduate degree in forensic anthropology under the guidance of her advisor, Dr. Sauer. Sarah is at Central Florida University working toward a Master's in Forensic Anthropology with Tosha Dupras.

Matt Irish (right), Kelsey Gray (center) and Ryne Danielson (left) recently co-authored a publication based on work they completed in Spring of 2008. They used bone histology to identify 85 small fragments of burned bone from excavation of the Donner Party campsite. While no humans were identified in the osseous assemblage, this project helped to clarify the starvation diet at Alder Creek; cows, horses, deer, and dog were identified from long bone  fragments measuring 1/4 to 1/2" in diameter. Their chapter, co-authored with Dr. Robbins, will be published in a forthcoming book The Archaeology of the Donner Party Campsite, which is under contract with University of Nebraska Press and the Society for Historical Archaeology. Matt Irish and Ryne Danielson graduated in Spring 2008. Matt has gone on to graduate study in bioarchaeology at University College, London. Kelsey graduates in Spring, 2009.